Jacob Wilson


Jacob Wilson

Jacob Wilson is an actor based in Los Angeles FROM Visalia, CA.

He has a BA in Theater Arts from California State University and has trained with master coaches Howard Fine, Robert D’Avanzo and at Margie Haber Studio. He has also studied improvisation at LA Connection Comedy Theater.

Jacob has appeared on A&E and Justice for the People with Judge Milian. He has booked a myriad of short films, one of which, “Hannah”, has swept wins at Hollywood film festivals. Jacob will also appear in an upcoming NDA feature film with Ryda 4 Lyfe Filmz.

He has booked commercial campaigns and industrials with brands such as Disney, Igloo, BiltRight Turf & Allegiance Gold.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys volunteering in his community, helping others live a healthier lifestyle, working out and experiencing live music and theater.

He is passionate about advocating for equality and desires to make the world a more kind and inclusive place.

He is also a former magician and vocalist for an acclaimed metal band.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Jacob on a Zoom reading of a new TV pilot I’m developing. Working with Jacob was a true honor. His hard work, enthusiasm for the project, and commitment to the process was invaluable. He is one of the most talented actors I have worked with and he brings so much to the table. His dedication to working on his craft did not go unnoticed. Because of the positive impression he left on me, I intend to cast him in all projects I create in the future. He’s one of the special ones!”

Edward Teddy Hall

Creator and writer of "Not About Me" - A New TV Series.